Excerpt One:

Many of the Union generals had no tolerance for Negros. General Tecumseh Sherman in particular had a strong disdain for the Negro. Any serious student of history knows that Lincoln used the issue of slavery as a prop to lure the Southern states back into the Union. His primary goal was to preserve the Union, not to free the slaves. Had he had his way, the South could have kept their slaves.

Excerpt Two:

Any man who denies God’s salvation of Nathan Bedford Forrest and refuses to allow this great military general and redeemed soul to rest in peace and with honor, must deny John Newton’s hymn, Amazing Grace, and the writings of Apostle Paul.

Excerpt Three:

When people can be the people that God ordained them to be in their culture, they are at their best. Wrapped in the Confederate flag is a unique culture and heritage. I don’t think I have any right to frown upon that heritage or culture any more than Confederates have a right to frown upon mine.


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